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Web Design Degree Concentrations

Web design covers a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of sites. The various disciplines of web design typically include web graphic design; web user interface design; content writing, such as prose and persuasive text; information architecture and web application; technical support service; e-commerce design, such as shopping carts and shopping list management; and search engine optimization (SEO). A web designer may work full or part-time from his or her home. Most web designers begin their careers with a degree in a computer science field to learn the necessary skills to develop websites.

User experience (UI) is the science of obtaining optimal user interaction with a system, application, or device. Usability testing is the process of evaluating how users experience a product's design, content, and operation. Usability testing is an integral part of any web design because a user's experience with a website is an invaluable part of making a purchasing decision. A web designer must make sure that all parts of the website are user-friendly. User experience involves the physical aspects of usage such as ease of use, comfort, and time. Another discipline of web design is usability design, which is concerned with the creation of usable and functional pages for users of computers.

Social interaction refers to the arrangement of people within a community or online social network. Social designers work with web developers to develop the most appropriate design for a particular site, which matches the site's specific purpose and audience. In emotional design, web designers work to enhance people's emotions and to create sites that are attractive, intuitive, and enjoyable. Emotional design is usually associated with advertising and visual communication.

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